Clinger: Nevada’s projected deficit is $1 billion

Victor Joecks

The truth doesn’t get clearer than this.

State Budget Director Andrew Clinger said Tuesday that Nevada faces a $1 billion revenue shortfall. He expects that about $5.4 billion will be available for the next two-year state government budget, compared with $6.4 billion in the current budget that ends June 30.

Many of Nevada’s top reporters and journalists have already accurately reported on Nevada’s budget situation. For those who haven’t, this clear statement from Clinger, the state’s budget director, should set the record straight.

And props to Clinger for coming out with a clear and accurate statement on the state’s budget situation. I had criticized him previously for causing the confusion over the budget numbers, but statements like this – true and direct – are exactly what’s needed to set the record straight and correct the narrative.

Having the truth out there doesn’t mean the hard work is over, though. Fiscal conservatives now need to make the case that it’s better to decrease spending by about 16 percent and live within our means than to increase spending by up to 30 percent and continue Nevada’s pattern of unsustainable spending increases.