Episode 23: What to do about the problem with social media?

Michael Schaus

Free to Offend Episode 23 | Guest: John Hawkins

As is obvious to anyone who spends time perusing “political Twitter,” social media can be an ugly place. From tech giants censoring unpopular political content to the general cultural rot that emanates from much of social media, there’s plenty to hate about “big tech.”

So, what should be done about it, if anything?

John Hawkins, conservative writer and founder of rightwingnews.com, says social media is a scourge that really should be wiped from the face of the planet… short of that (admittedly fringe) solution, he would be content with merely dismantling the giants in Silicon Valley by using antitrust laws against them.

John joined the program to share his perspective with Nevada Policy’s Michael Schaus—someone who is decidedly more libertarian on the issue and generally very hesitant to believe any government action (including antitrust) is capable of addressing the underlying cultural issues of big tech’s biggest problems.

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