Episode 37: Good intentions don’t always translate to better outcomes

Michael Schaus

Free to Offend Episode 37| Guest: Bob Zeidman

So many bad government policies begin life as well-intended attempts to make the world a better place. Which is why “good intentions” simply aren’t a useful metric for evaluating policy solutions.

For free-market advocates, however, understanding these good intentions is a critical piece of understanding how we can connect with people who don’t already think the way we do. Bob Zeidman, tech entrepreneur and author, joined the program to talk about the way “good intentions” have caused so much political, cultural and societal disfunction. Zeidman is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and President of Zeidman Consulting. His latest venture is Good Beat Poker, a new way to play and watch poker online, and he is also the author of the political satire Good Intentions. His newest book, Animal Lab, will be released soon.



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