Episode 6: Post-election our education system still sucks

Michael Schaus

Free to Offend Episode 6 

The election has come and gone, and for most Americans this week of 2020 feels remarkably similar to the several weeks before it. Especially if you are a parent struggling to navigate public education’s absurd and tone-deaf approach to “education” during the age of coronavirus.  

Nevada Policy’s Michael Schaus talks with ChoiceMedia’s founder, Bob Bowdon, about how education reform—specifically the exploding popularity of choice programs—will impact politics and culture in the post-election world we now face. With many parents suddenly facing a dire need for alternatives to poorly-run “virtual” public school classrooms, it seems that the political power teacher unions wield over politicians might not be enough to fight off a growing bipartisan demand for change.   

And, as Schaus points out, some of the down-ticket results from last week’s election indicate that voters are willing to stray from party politics when certain issues impact voters personally. That might just be good news in the long run for advocates of reform, and bad news for politicians who toe the union line against freedom of choice in education.  

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