launches online petition and social media blitz for Nevada’s ESAs

When Judge James Wilson issued an injunction against Education Savings Accounts in January, the most inclusive school choice program in the nation was put on hold.

More than 4,000 students who are already enrolled in the program — and thousands more who were planning on applying in 2016 — are left desperately looking for answers.

These families need a show of support.

That’s why NPRI has launched an online campaign to help defend parents in the face of ongoing legal and other campaigns that are trying to force their children back into failing, government, factory-style schools.

Opponents want nothing more than for ESA supporters to give up, remain silent or fade away. But, to the thousands of families that were planning on using ESAs to help their children succeed, school choice isn’t just some obscure policy concept. To these parents, students and educators, the survival of school choice is personal.

That’s why is launching a petition, demanding that Nevada’s public officials do everything in their power to defend this incredible education reform.

Please take a minute to sign the petition at And after signing the petition, be sure to spread the word on social media by using the hashtag #LetOurChildrenSucceed and #SchoolChoice.

As support builds for ESAs, we can let lawmakers and elected officials know that failure is not an option for the nation’s most inclusive school choice program.

I look forward to seeing #SchoolChoice and #LetOurChildrenSucceed trend on Twitter — and I’m confident the signatures we collect for our petition will be a major step in protecting Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts for students in the Silver State.  


Michael Schaus

Communications Director

PS: Feel free to copy the Tweet from below, and post to your Facebook or Twitter account. Let’s show Nevada lawmakers that Education Savings Accounts must be saved!

Show your support, and help save Nevada’s ESAs! Sign the petition now: #LetOurChildrenSucceed #SchoolChoice