NPRI campaign goes nationwide

Andy Matthews

What started at the Nevada Policy Research Institute is changing the country.

It sounds like a bold statement, but that’s exactly what’s happening this week.

As you know, for the last three years, NPRI has helped teachers throughout Nevada opt out of the Nevada State Education Association. Our efforts have been wildly successful at empowering teachers, and over 1,450 teachers have left the union — simply because we let them know they didn’t have to be a part of the union, and shared with them when and how to leave.

We realized that if so many teachers, in just one state, wanted to leave their union, that there are millions of union members nationwide who would like to opt out of their union — if only they knew it was possible.

That’s why last year, working with the Association of American Educators, NPRI created National Employee Freedom Week. NEFW is a week when groups around the country celebrate employee freedom by letting union members know that they can leave their union.

This is our second year running National Employee Freedom Week, and I’m excited to let you know that this year, 81 groups in 45 states are participating. That’s up from the 65 groups in 37 states we had last year.

And while the increase in raw numbers is great, that’s not what makes me the most excited. This year, ten other organizations are following the NPRI model and running opt-out campaigns letting union members in their states know when and how to leave their union.

Just in Nevada, our efforts are taking more than $1.1 million annually from the pockets of union bosses and putting it in the hands of teachers.

Imagine what’s going to happen this year after NPRI has inspired ten other organizations to run similar campaigns!

Our campaign has the potential to free tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of union members from their unions.

Because we’re getting results, we’re getting national attention. Both the Wall Street Journal and Politico have stories today on NPRI’s National Employee Freedom Week.

I’m also thrilled to be able to invite you to participate in a very special event.

As part of National Employee Freedom Week, the Heritage Foundation is hosting an event featuring NPRI’s Victor Joecks, who leads our NEFW campaign, and three workers sharing their stories about leaving union membership behind.

The event is at 9 a.m. Pacific time tomorrow, and while it’s being held in Washington, D.C., you can live stream the event here.

It’s going to be a great discussion and will feature two panelists who are involved in high-profile lawsuits against forced unionization. One of the lawsuits even has the potential to make every state in the country right-to-work!

I encourage you to live stream the event here.

Thank you for your support of NPRI. I want you to know that your investment is making a real difference — both in Nevada and around the country — and I hope you’ll join me tomorrow to view an event that’s tangible evidence of that.


Andy Matthews