Smoke Screen: “Benefits” from New Clean Air Regulations

Government-imposed environmental regulations must constantly weigh the cost to the nation—economic effect—against the benefits to the environment—environmental effect. The Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory mandates tend to tip the scale in… Read More

Jumping on the Anti-Tobacco Bandwagon

Nevada Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa has joined 32 state attorneys general in filing suit against the tobacco industry. On May 21, Del Papa announced her lawsuit at a… Read More

A Consumer’s Guide to Environmental Myths

In recent years, numerous groups, including federal agencies, have offered advice on how Americans can be "good environmentalists." Through broadcast and print media, consumers, legislators and even children are told… Read More

Official English for Nevada

A bill recently introduced in the Nevada Legislature would make English the state’s official language. Assembly Bill 441, sponsored by 12 members, designates English as the official language of the… Read More