Veterans Day, 2015

Veterans Day, 2015

Every year, marking the anniversary of the day World War I ended with the armistice of 1918, America takes the time to thank the men and women who have stood ready to protect our freedoms throughout the generations. On this Veterans Day, as we acknowledge the sacrifices and contributions of members of the military, we should also take a moment to recognize the unique challenges they and their families often face.

The sacrifices, losses, and pain that military members must endure in the name of defending our nation is, at times, unimaginable to the rest of us. From risking their lives, to forfeiting time with their loved ones, our veterans routinely set aside their own interests in order to protect America’s tradition of liberty and freedom.

Here in Nevada, NPRI is focused on making sure our military families have full and equal access to the opportunities the rest of us often take for granted. Because of their unique set of challenges, which includes frequent and unexpected moves across the state and country, military families currently face a disadvantage if they wish to take advantage of the state’s most promising education reform program, Education Savings Accounts.

Nevada Treasurer Dan Schwartz has recognized this unique challenge facing our veterans, and has set forth a plan to exempt military families from the 100-day rule, giving them access to the powerful tool of school choice.

NPRI will be working hard to make sure that military parents understand that they have this option and walking them through the application process.

Be sure to take the time today to reflect on the challenges, hardships, and sacrifices our veterans endure to keep us free. We at NPRI want simply to say “thank you” to all our men and women in uniform. Your dedication to our freedom is inspiring.



The staff at NPRI

Editor's note: This publication has been modified since publication.