Congressional committee rejects Obamacare

Victor Joecks

For themselves. They’re still eager to force President Obama’s “Trojan-horse-for-socialized-medicine” public plan on the rest of us, though.

From the Nevada Appeal:

Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nev., told colleagues Thursday that members of Congress should be required to join any federal public health benefits plan created by Congress.

“I do not believe the federal government should be running health care in our country and levying massive tax increases on America’s small businesses,” said Heller in urging support for an amendment to the proposed plan. “However, if this administration and the majority party are going to force government-run health care on the American people, then members of Congress should be required to enroll in that plan.

“If the government-run ‘public plan’ is good enough for millions of our constituents, then it should be good enough for members of Congress,” he said.

He asked the committee reviewing the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act to adopt the amendment requiring Congress to participate in the plan. The amendment, however, was rejected by the committee 21-18 …

He said he believes the legislation could result in 114 million Americans losing their current health insurance coverage.

Here’s the report that backs up Heller’s estimate of over 100 million Americans losing their private insurance and being forced onto the public plan (.pdf warning) if Medicare-style Obamacare passes.

Gov. Bobby Jindal details how a public plan will effectively kill private insurance in today’s Politico.

A private health insurance system, otherwise known as what we have today, will not be able to compete with a taxpayer-subsidized government plan, and businesses faced with growing health care costs will opt to either lay off more workers or send employees into the government plan. One independent study already suggested that up to 119 million Americans will end up leaving their private plans for the public plan.

And once we have de facto socialized medicine, how will the government contain costs? The same way it does in Britain and Canada: Health care rationing.

And even though members of Congress won’t admit it publicly, this vote to reject the public plan for themselves shows they know exactly how poorly this budget-busting program will perform.