Rebuilding Nevada after the coronavirus shutdown

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The COVID-19 pandemic, the statewide shutdown and the resulting economic consequences will have a lasting impact on Nevada. As we work to keep the coronavirus under control and rebuild the livelihoods of Nevadans, we have an opportunity to ensure the values that have made Nevada such an amazing place to live in the first place are protected and even promoted.

To do this, Nevada Policy has identified principles that lawmakers, policymakers and thought leaders must adopt in order to bring prosperity back to Nevada and rebuild our great state’s economy.

Guiding Principles for rebuilding Nevada:

Protect the rights of Nevadans

Both civil and property rights must be preserved as we move forward through this health crisis and the economic turmoil that follows. Government actions that are not determined to be the “least restrictive” way of controlling health risks are a clear violation of the economic and civil rights of Nevadans, as are unnecessary limitations on businesses, workers and consumers. As we reexamine our response to the threat of the coronavirus — and as we rebuild Nevada in the years ahead — policy discussions should focus on how we preserve and expand the civil and property rights that secure the freedoms necessary for Nevadans to prosper.

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Empower Free Markets

Government alone simply isn’t capable of addressing the complex problems facing Nevadans. Centrally planned responses to the diverse and intricate problems facing the state have proven to be heavy-handed, ineffective and, in the worst cases, demonstrably harmful. Policies aimed at rebuilding the economy need to focus on empowering individuals, workers and businesses by reducing tax burdens and limiting regulatory barriers to personal and economic growth. Nevadans deserve the opportunity and freedom necessary to adapt, innovate and address the needs of their local community without being hindered by cumbersome layers of political government bureaucracy. Given the economic challenges facing us, preserving and expanding the free market freedoms that make it possible to innovate and overcome the challenges facing us will be more important than ever before.

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Keep government accountable and transparent

State and local governments will experience increased deficits as tax revenues decline and demand for many government services increase. Nevadans will be less able to afford increased taxes than ever before, creating an unprecedented need for government to reprioritize spending and increase transparency. Ensuring balanced budgets and reprioritizing spending will guarantee a strong foundation of effective and limited government moving forward. Ensuring transparency at all levels will ensure taxpayers and public-sector employees alike that government is operating in the best interests of taxpayers, workers and Nevadans of all backgrounds.

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Nevada Policy is dedicated to promoting these guiding principles with our partners, supporters and coalition members. Click here to view Nevada Policy’s latest work regarding the coronavirus, the statewide shutdown and the unique economic challenges currently facing our great state.