Culinary Union to offer fries with latest whopper

Patrick Gibbons

In an effort to support Barrack Obama, the Culinary Union has resorted to telling outright distortions of the truth.

Beyond the usual misrepresentation of McCain's health care plan, the union suggests that McCain wants to make card check unionization illegal.

Not true. McCain opposes outlawing secret ballots – a position unions and Democrats support.

Card check unionization occurs when a company agrees to it. If it does not, current law requires a secret ballot vote. Before secret ballots are cast, the union and the company present their reasons for why a union should form or not, before workers vote in secret.

Democrats and unions want to eliminate the secret ballot (believing that workers are more likely to vote to unionize when peer pressured since voting is no longer secret). McCain opposes that.

So yes, the culinary unions would still have formed if we retained the secret ballot – that was, after all, the law of the land when they became unions in the first place.