Dirty fighting from teacher union

Patrick Gibbons

Teacher unions support teaching evolution, unless attacking evolution helps them politically. Ah yes, abandoning science and education for political practicality – smell the hypocrisy?

The teacher unions publicly support the teaching of evolution in biology classes … unless denying it can help their favored politician win. Allegedly, the Alabama Education Association funneled money to Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert Bentley in support of his bid to defeat fellow Republican Bradley Byrne in the party’s run-off election.

According to FactCheck.org, “the teachers’ PAC gave $1.5 million to 10 PACs, which in turn gave nearly $1 million to True Republican PAC. Joe Cottle, a lobbyist for the teachers’ group, is the treasurer of five of the PACs, and Rudy Davidson, a former education lobbyist and a contributor to A VOTE, was treasurer of four others. Such PAC-to-PAC contributions are legal. Cottle told us they are necessary in cases when a candidate or group doesn’t want to be publicly associated with AEA – which is unpopular in some circles, particularly in a Republican primary – but wants its money, or when the AEA wants to help moderate Republicans.”

After the money was laundered through teacher union front groups, it was used to attack Byrne with political ads stating that Byrne supports teaching evolution, something the teacher union also supports. Now that’s hypocrisy.

Hat tip to Jay P. Greene.