Legacy Society

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

- Ronald Reagan

A planned gift to the Nevada Policy Research Institute is a lasting contribution to the cause of responsible public policy in Nevada. It is also an investment in our children's and grandchildren's future. 

For Nevada to remain prosperous and free, it is important that we not only make sound policy decisions today, but also that we continue to safeguard, with an enduring commitment, our bedrock principles of economic liberty and limited government. 

 NPRI's Legacy Society is part of the Institute's endowment program through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada for individuals who possess both a dedication to freedom and a desire to ensure that Nevada preserves that freedom in the future.

When you choose to bequeath a gift to NPRI's endowment fund, we will follow your directions and use the funds exactly as you intend, forever.

We will work with you to make your gift a lasting gift, one that will benefit the institute in perpetuity and establish your legacy as a true patron of the institute and a mindful citizen who cared about the future of our great state.

By joining the Legacy Society, you will be helping to protect the institution and ideals that have long kept Nevada and America strong, so that future generations will be able to enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities that we have. A gift to NPRI may also help reduce your tax liability and allow you to bequeath an even greater portion of your estate to the people and institutions you value.

If you want to leave a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime, a planned gift may be a desirable choice. A gift can take multiple forms and can help you address a variety of personal financial goals. We encourage you to plan your gift thoughtfully and seek professional assistance to consider how your gift can benefit you as well as us. A trusted legal or financial advisor can help you develop a plan for making charitable gifts that complement your current investment and estate plans to maximize benefits to both you and the Institute.

We suggest you visit your trusted financial planner or attorney. The language can be very simple, here is an example:

I direct my personal representative to make the following charitable contribution from my property.

The sum of __________________ to the Nevada Policy Research Institute (IRS Tax ID #88-0276314), provided that this charity is still in existence at my death, qualifies for a charitable tax deduction, and is following its original mission as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan think tank that promotes sound public policy based on free-market solutions.

We invite you to read about the different gift options below and consider how you can best help make a difference in the future of our Silver State.

To learn more about the Legacy Society, please contact:

John Tsarpalas
Phone: (702) 222-0642
Email: jt@npri.org

Legacy Gift Options

An outright gift to the Institute allows us to meet our immediate objectives. In turn, it will give you maximum tax benefits, especially attractive if you are in high-earnings years. It can also be the simplest gift to arrange. However, there are also other options, including:

Will and Living Trust Bequests
You may prefer to leave your assets and cash flow alone until your death, and instead make your gift through your estate. Even though the Institute cannot use this gift immediately, it will be critically important to our long-term financial strength and help ensure our ability to meet the opportunities and challenges the future will present us. You can choose to designate a sum of cash, a specific property (including real estate, stocks, etc.), or a percentage of your total estate, with or without restrictions.

Life Insurance Gifts
Often supporters overlook the benefits of giving a life insurance policy to their charity. If you are carrying more insurance coverage than your family obligations now require, you may find a hidden gift asset in a surplus, paid-up policy. A gift of a paid-up policy produces a charitable deduction in the amount of the policy's cash surrender value. You could also create a gift for the future by taking out a new policy on your life and naming NPRI as the owner and beneficiary, thus creating an endowment gift. You must name the Institute as irrevocable owner and beneficiary of an insurance policy to secure tax benefits from your gift. If you create a new policy you may deduct your premiums as a donation.

Retirement Plan Designation
Naming NPRI as a beneficiary of your retirement plan is a wonderful way to help and simple to do.  You can include the Institute as the full beneficiary, as a partial beneficiary or as a contingent beneficiary and receive substantial income tax savings.

Charitable Remainder Trust
This option provides a way for you to make a gift to NPRI as well as receive some direct benefits for you and your family, such as avoiding capital gains on appreciated property, providing an income tax deduction, reducing your estate taxes and increasing your current income.

A special status will be conferred upon donors who identify their support at the initiation of this program. With your permission, once we have been notified of a provision for NPRI in your estate planning, we will formally recognize your generosity. The names of Legacy donors will appear on a permanent commemorative donor wall and will be listed in NPRI publications.

The Nevada Policy Research Institute will always be an advocate for limited government and individual liberty. As a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) think tank founded in 1991, we neither seek nor accept government funding. Our mission is to provide documented research on critical public policy issues within Nevada and the western region to enable our citizens, business leaders and elected officials to make informed and intelligent decisions. The Institute's long-range goal is to help foster a climate for quality education and economic prosperity.