Doug Busselman’s take on the Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group’s Preliminary Report

Victor Joecks

Doug Busselman of the Nevada Farm Bureau has an absolutely must-read blog post on the NVSG’s initial report. Doug has the unique perspective of being both a voting member of the NVSG and a supporter of the free market and limited government.

Some highlights:

Although the Vision Stakeholders group is given credit for being the source of the document — it really represents the Moody’s consultant’s perspective of what they consider the input we gave along the way. This was done in a process and timeframe which didn’t actually string together in a way where “the consensus” that is attributed to us could have been achieved. At this point, the words being put into our mouth don’t really represent anything more than what might be something a majority of participants could agree to adopt…

At this point, the quality of “vision” is very questionable to at least one member of the group who I have the ability to speak for (myself). My view is that this document (at this point) is an extremely disjointed set of politically-correct concepts thrown at the wall in hopes that something might stick and be included in a government-centric outcome. Its scope and assorted variety of ideas don’t constitute a substantive vision which most Nevada citizens can either buy-in on or even be capable of understanding.

Read the whole thing.

For more, read the RJ’s article on the report or Tom Mitchell’s blog post, “What do you get for a quarter of a million dollars worth of visioning?