Elect your favorite mob boss

Patrick Gibbons

If you can’t beat ’em, get elected.

Bell, Calif., City Manager Robert Rizzo started his job at $72,000 a year, and thanks to 12 percent increases per year, saw his salary rise to nearly $800,000. He will retire with a pension of $650,000 per year – highest in California state history. His assistant made $376,000 a year. Bell’s sheriff made $457,000 per year – and oversaw a mere 33 police officers (and his force is under investigation for voter fraud).

It isn’t uncommon for government workers to be overpaid and underworked, but it also appears to be less common for government workers to game the system to maximize their pensions. Rizzo just scammed the system better than anyone in California history.

I’ve always said the Mob didn’t get arrested, they just got elected. Nevada better do something fast, before we end up like our left-coast neighbor.