Elected official tweets about an illegal meeting

Victor Joecks

Nevada’s legislators aren’t the only ones who hold secret meetings. They just don’t tweet about them like this councilwoman from Washington state did.

Mukilteo Councilwoman Jennifer Gregerson earned a mention on the Cracked.com political satire site on a list of Six Places You Should Never Twitter From.

Showing up at No. 2 is Gregerson under the headline, “From an illegal city council meeting (in a bar).”

She made a post from Ivar’s Restaurant following the June 16 Mukilteo City Council meeting. She called it a “debriefing” after a majority of city council members showed up, creating a quorum.

And this meeting wouldn’t be illegal for Nevada’s legislature, because the legislature specifically excluded itself from Nevada’s open meetings law. Convenient.

And what lesson did Councilwoman Gregerson learn from this incident? Avoid illegal meetings? Nope.

Her take-away lesson was to cover her tracks better.

Gregerson told The Everett Herald the experience taught her to create separate personal and council Twitter accounts and to be more careful about what she posts.

Just another example of why politicians need constant reminders that they work for the people, not over the people.

Do any of Nevada’s legislators use Twitter?

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