Ernaut: $500 – 600 million in duplicate spending in Nevada’s budget

Victor Joecks

The clip is from an interview on Face to Face conducted earlier this week and contains a startling revelation from Gov. Sandoval's close advisor Pete Ernaut about Nevada's budget.

Ernaut: We spend so much money in duplicate areas, because there's pet projects that do virtually the same thing. You know and I know that people are not being truthful, not being truthful, with how much there is in ways of savings and efficiencies.

Ralston: How much is there? Give me an estimate.

Ernaut: I'll bet you right now. I'll bet you right now that if you just went through it with a businessman's mentality of just taking away the duplication and waste, there's a good $500 or $600 million that we just throw away.

His comments come at the 4:38 mark.

Remember this clip the next time you hear someone claim, "But we've cut to the bone." There's plenty to cut and plenty of waste. Ernaut's statement is the perfect example of that.

(h/t Nevada News Bureau)