Fighting for the heart and soul

Patrick Gibbons

Does NSHE need an exorcism?

Nevada Sytem of Higher Education Chancellor Dan Klaich wants a 4.5 percent increase in state appropriations. Without it, he argues, the university system won’t be able to function.

According to Dan Klaich, “we’re in a fight for the heart and soul and future of Nevada.”

It seems Dan Klaich, and many others, are forgetting some very important facts.

Like the fact that both UNLV and UNR saw dramatic increases in their budgets – far higher than inflation and student population growth combined. And that both universities blew alot of that money on administrators. Oh and don’t forget about the fact that after all that money and all those new employees, neither university can graduate 50 percent of their students within 6 years.

If Chancellor Klaich really believes the universities need more money after all that, then you should worry about whether NSHE needs to go on a diet or have an exorcism.