First meeting of the Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group tomorrow

Victor Joecks

And yes I’ll be live blogging it starting at 9 am. If you have extra time tomorrow, you should swing by the Grant Sawyer building in Las Vegas or the Legislative Building, Rm 2134, in Carson City and watch unelected “stakeholders” decide where they want the state to be in 20 years. Which really means, how they are going to try and justify a tax increase in 2011.

And that’s not just my analysis. Assemblyman Anderson admitted that at one of the early tax study committee meetings.

10:18 A passing comment from Assemblymen Anderson reveals the true purpose of this study. “We don’t have money. That’s the reason we’re doing the study.”

The agenda is here. They are not going to be streaming it over the internet – hmmm I wonder what they don’t want you to see – but I will do my best to give you a sense about what’s happening.

Until tomorrow, check out this commentary from Nevada Business on why the stakeholders group is a farce.