Gansert: No new taxes or fees in Sandoval’s budget

Victor Joecks

Heidi Gansert is the former Assembly minority leader who Governor-elect Brian Sandoval selected as his chief of staff.

Anjeanette Damon interviewed Gansert last week on her “To the Point” show. Damon got right to the point and asked Gansert if Sandoval’s budget would include any fee increases.

Gansert was very clear in her response. She twice specifically said that Sandoval’s budget would not contain any tax or fee increases.

Damon: Do you anticipate that fee increases will be part of the budget you submit?

Gansert: I don’t believe that fee increases or taxes will be part of this budget. I know they won’t.

And just a few minutes later.

Gansert: Everything’s on the table except for the taxes and the fees.

See for yourself in the clip below. Gansert’s comments are at 3:30 and 5:38.