Gibbons vetoes funding for interim study of state’s tax commission

Victor Joecks

And Raggio promises to fund it anyway.

Gibbons finished Tuesday processing dozens of bills sent to his office in the final days of the legislative session that concluded last week. Among the five measures he vetoed this week were Senate Bill 143, which would have provided $500,000 to fund state Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio’s interim study of the state’s tax structure; and Assembly Bill 503, which would have created a panel to craft a better way to fund road projects.

Raggio, R-Reno, said contingency funds will be available to pay for the study.

What? Nevada has contingency funds?

I thought this budget was bare bones. And you probably would, too, because the media and legislators who were intent on passing a record-setting, job-killing, billion dollar, secret tax increase said it again and again and again and again.

Nope, looks like the legislature has plenty of money stashed somewhere to fund a study that will call for taking more of your money.

Just another reminder why you shouldn’t trust Nevada’s “collection of irredeemable nincompoops, borderline criminals and self-interested cowards,” their doomsday predictions or even their written statements.

The Nevada Legislature’s definition of a bare-bones, taxpayer-funded dinner.