Good Intentions, Bad Results

Patrick Gibbons

In 1982 Dr. Walter Williams, an economist (now a professor at George Mason University in northern Virginia), published “The State Against Blacks.” The book was controversial at the time. Dr. Williams, an African-American born in a segregated America in 1936, escaped the inner-city ghettos of Philadelphia and graduated with a Ph.D. in economics from UCLA in 1972.

Despite his knowledge and experience with racism and segregation, he didn’t blame racism or capitalism for why blacks were still struggling as late as the mid 1980s – he blamed the government. To Dr. Williams, it was the good intentions behind government programs that produced very bad results, and especially for minorities. Sadly, what was true then still appears to be true today.

In 1985 Dr. Williams made “Good Intentions,” a PBS Documentary about the harmful effects of well-intentioned government programs on Americans, especially minorities. The documentary (included below) is about 27 minutes long.

Part I – Education

Part II – Minimum Wage and Licensing

Part III – The Welfare System