Good news: NV government getting a little smaller

Victor Joecks

It’s a start.

Gov. Brian Sandoval today agreed to eliminate 18 executive branch committees, councils and advisory panels as recommended by a task force, including the clearly outdated State Year 2000 Coordinating Council, among others. …

The 18 committees, councils, commissions and task forces Sandoval will eliminate are:

  • The Nevada Interagency Council on Homelessness;
  • The Strategic Plan for People with Disabilities Accountability Committee;
  • The Strategic Plan for Rural Health Care Accountability Committee;
  • The Strategic Plan for Senior Services Accountability Committee;
  • Governor’s Advisory Committee on Radiation Effects;
  • Governor’s Management Task Force;
  • Nevada Commission on Minority Business Enterprises;
  • Governor’s Word Processing Committee;
  • Governor’s Task Force on Employment Training;
  • Governor’s Small Business Council;
  • Governor’s Literacy Coalition Advisory Council;
  • Governor’s Committee on Volunteers and Volunteering;
  • Information Services Policy Committee;
  • Commission on Workplace Safety and Community Protection;
  • State Year 2000 Coordinating Council;
  • Governor’s Appeal Hearings Board for State of Nevada’s Self-Funded Insurance Program;
  • Silver Source Steering Committee; and
  • Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.
The panels recommended to continue under new executive orders with new expiration dates and new reporting requirements are:
  • The 2-1-1 Partnership;
  • The Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder;
  • The Nevada Broadband Task Force;
  • The Nevada Communications Steering Committee;
  • The Nevada Crime Commission;
  • The Nevada Homeland Security Working Group;
  • The Nevada Re-Entry Task Force; and
  • The State Citizens Corps Council.

Props to Sandoval for actually taking a concrete step to reduce government. Eighteen down – hundreds and hundreds of million in state spending to go.