Government gone wild: Nevada agencies request a 30 percent spending increase

Victor Joecks

Of course, in this economy, who isn’t increasing spending by 30 percent? Oh, wait. The answer is everyone … except, it seems, for Nevada’s government.

I know budget numbers are boring, so here’s a quick overview.

Nevada’s General Fund budget for the last biennium was $6.4 billion after reductions made in the special session. For the next two years, government agencies now want to spend $8.34 billion – a 30 percent spending increase. And this is at a time of minimal inflation and little to negative population growth.

Seriously. Look at the numbers yourself.

Now of course, liberals will start making excuses – caseloads went up, the stimulus money ran out, etc. – but in debating the details, don’t lose sight of the main point: The government wants to increase spending by 30 percent.

Almost every family and business in Nevada has had items in its budget increase over the last few years while earnings have stayed the same or even decreased. These individuals in Nevada have been forced to prioritize and cut back. Nevada’s government needs to do the same.

And that “$3 billion deficit” you’ve heard so much about? You guessed right – it contains this 30 percent spending increase.

If this all seems familiar, it should. Liberals use the same playbook every year to try and increase spending and take more of your money. Don’t be fooled again.

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