Government wastes your money again … time for performance audits?

Victor Joecks

Just in case you need another example of government waste, read about how the North Las Vegas Housing Authority handled taxpayer dough.

The total amount won't be known until the city audit and a federal investigation are finished, but so far auditors have determined that at least $800,000 was misused, Rose said.

Still unclear is how the money was spent, who is responsible, and whether any crimes were committed, he added.

And who was on the board when this went down?

One question Rose's audit is unlikely to answer is whether the housing authority's board knew of the misuse of funds or has any responsibility in the matter.

"It's not the purpose of the audit to determine if the board should have stopped this from happening," Rose said.

The board includes four North Las Vegas City Council members, including Mayor Michael Montandon and mayoral candidate William Robinson.


Maybe it's time for some performance audits in Nevada and its cities. For the uninitiated, performance audits " look at the results achieved by any government entity and make recommendations for improvements."

In Washington State, performance audits have identified over $3.5 billion in savings over the next five years. And the audits cost less than $15 million.

For politicians seeking alternatives on the state's budget issues, performance audits could be a place to start.