Governor Gibbons officially calls a special session

Victor Joecks

It’ll begin next Tuesday. Prepare for another week of whining from public employees and big-government liberals.

Gov. Jim Gibbons issued the proclamation Tuesday that calls the Legislature into a special session Feb. 23 and released a series of plans that he said would cut state spending by $887 million.

Gibbons called for extracting another $50 million from the mining industry by changing the deductions mining companies now may take before computing their taxes.

He also recommended hiring a private company that would set up cameras along major highways to catch drivers who do not have required auto insurance.

He said the state has been promised $30 million by the vender who would set up the program by July.

In addition, Gibbons called for cutting state spending by all agencies, including the public schools and higher education, by 10 percent.

Virtually all state employee would be required to take a 10-hour unpaid furlough day per month, equivalent to a 5.75 percent salary reduction, as the state shifts to a four-day, 10-hour work week.

Here are the line-by-line changes that Gibbons is proposing and some notes on the changes.