Great news: Oil lobbyist is now a ‘green’ job according to the Obama administration

Victor Joecks

One of the many problems with government picking the winners and losers in the economy is that bureaucrats will manipulate data to make any government-jobs program look like a success.

For instance President Obama promised to create millions of green jobs. But, as GOP Rep. Darrell Issa makes a government bureaucrat admit in this hilarious video, Obama’s idea of a “green” job isn’t always so green.

More details from Fox News.

Issa suggested the administration is reclassifying such jobs to prove that billions of taxpayer dollars, through the federal stimulus program, have created green, or environmentally-focused jobs – a major initiative for President Obama.

“It’s about politics. It’s always been about politics,” said Issa, R-Calif. “If you work at the Salvation Army, that’s a green job.”

When Bureau of Labor Statistics Acting Commissioner John Galvin balked on what qualifies as a green job under the agency definition, Issa responded, “Just answer the question.”

“Does someone who sweeps the floor at a company that makes solar panels — is that a green job?” Issa asked.

“Yes,” replied Galvin, who also acknowledged that a bike-repair shop clerk, a hybrid-bus driver, any school bus driver and “the guy who puts gas in a school bus” are all defined as green jobs.

He also acknowledged that an oil lobbyist, if his work is related to environmental issues, would also have a green job.

The solution to this isn’t to try and have the government pick different winners and losers in the economy; the solution is for government to create a low and uniform tax and regulatory burden and allow individuals to choose the products and businesses they want.

(h/t HotAir)