Greenspun Media Group reorganizes, cuts jobs

Victor Joecks

Alternative headline: Liberals in the private sector.

The staffs of the Las Vegas Sun and its Web site,, will merge and move into the same office as part of a plan to reorganize the local operations of The Greenspun Media Group, the company announced today…

The reorganization involves an unspecified number of layoffs. Affected employees were to be informed today. The changes were prompted, Greenspun said in the press release, by the need to better meet the information and marketing needs of the Las Vegas area and to create a sustainable business model in the face of the continued recession…

The reduction in the company’s workforce comes on the heels of the closure of its community newspapers and a Web and broadcast TV program,

The point of this post isn’t to boast about how a decidedly liberal news outlet is having to cut back – it’s hard to lose your job, and I feel for those laid off. The point is to highlight how a decidedly liberal organization operates when it doesn’t have the option – like government does – to force its customers to pay for its product.

And why should those in the private sector, many facing layoffs and wage reductions, have to foot the bill for the overly generous salary and benefit packages for government workers? And why should some government employees be employed at all?

The next time you hear liberals complain about how government is being cut to the bone, remember how liberals act when it’s their money – and not yours – they want to spend.

Bonus example of a liberal organization cutting back after the jump.

From the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada’s 2009 newsletter.

PLAN was hit hard by the economic downturn. But we developed a plan to ensure we move forward with our core mission intact. We cut our budget by 20 percent through a combination of staff layoffs, reduction in hours, and voluntary pay cuts. We’re grateful that you have demonstrated your confidence in our work through your increased contributions during these turbulent times.

Apparently PLAN likes to brag about budget cutting. I look forward to their proposals in the next legislative session. Here are some recommendations for cost cutting and reform to get them started.