Happy Friday!

Karen Gray

Happy Friday!

It's hard to believe, but we are getting down to the final days of early enrollment in Nevada's Education Savings Accounts program — November 30 will be the last day for early applications!

The State Treasurer's office has done a phenomenal job getting this program off the ground. I have no doubt this program will be up and running when funds roll out — two months earlier than anticipated — in FEBRUARY!

Treasurer Dan Schwartz and his staff have managed to hold three public hearings on the regulations, and a fourth is scheduled for November 23 at 10 am. They’ve already:

  • set up an application process,
  • processed over 3000 applications,
  • contracted with a financial institute to manage the accounts,
  • created a vendor registration form, which is set to go live soon,
  • answered numerous questions from parents and people like me,
  • …all the while traveling across the state doing community outreach and facing two special-interest backed lawsuits to block Nevada families from this program.

I would tell everyone to send the Treasurer and staff an email expressing your appreciation, but I'm not so sure flooding their inbox is the best way to do that. Perhaps everyone can show up the November 23rd regulatory meeting and take a moment to extend a thank-you during public comment.

Please note the new meeting locations. In Carson, the meeting will be held at the Gaming Control Board, not the Legislative Building. In Las Vegas, the meeting will still take place at the Grant Sawyer building, but in suite 2600:

Carson City, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Gaming Control Board

Grant Sawyer State Office Building

Suite 100

Suite 2600

1919 College Pkwy

555 E. Washington Avenue


Another opportunity for those in southern Nevada will come next Tuesday, November 17 from 6-8 pm. That’s when the Nevada Innovative Coalition for Education will host a panel discussion on Nevada Education Savings Accounts. Invited panelists are Senators Scott Hammond and Becky Harris, Treasurer Dan Schwartz and Chief of Staff Grant Hewitt, and yours truly, Karen Gray. Organizers of the event have asked me to invite everyone on this e-list.

They want to hear from parents. So, if you still have some questions or just want to show your appreciation, this may be a good place to do so. This may also be a good opportunity to ask lawmakers: “Why the 100 day rule?” Here is an event flyer to assist your efforts.

The NICE event on the 17th will be held at the National Atomic Testing Museum, 755 E Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119. If you attend, please be sure to introduce yourself!

One final announcement: on Wednesday, November 18, TCMI Church will host an ESA application night for anyone needing help completing and submitting an ESA application. I will be there to assist and answer any questions:

TCMI Pre-registration event:

5101 N. Rainbow Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89131


TCMI is located on Rainbow Blvd right off Rancho. Bring with you the necessary documents: a copy of the parent's valid government issued ID, a certified or verified copy of the student's birth certificate and proof of guardianship if you're not the biological parent. You will also need proof of residency, such as a copy of the most current utility bill, copy of a current property tax bill or a rental lease agreement. Other documents you may need are a copy of last year’s tax return (first 2 pages) or a current paystub if your annual household income is within 185% of the federally designated poverty level. If you are seeking the extra 10% funding for special-education students, you should bring your IEP for upload. We will have scanners at the site. Do not forget, you must know your child's student ID number. That is how enrollment will be verified.

If you or your business, church, school or civic group would like to host a registration night, please let me know and we will get that on the calendar. Remember, I welcome any opportunity to spread the word on ESAs and register families. I couldn't do this without the community's support and involvement!

Have a great weekend!