Happy Nevada Day

Victor Joecks

Here’s the history of Nevada Day in case you need a little refresher.

Nevada became a state (admitted to the Union) October 31, 1864, so Nevada Day is October 31 of each year. However, with the passage of AB396 by the 1997 Nevada State Legislature, Nevada voters, on November 3, 1998 advised the 1999 legislature they wanted to celebrate Nevada Day on the “last” Friday in October beginning in 2000. The legislature, after much heated debate, complied.

Nevada Day is presently a state holiday recognized on the last Friday in October with the parade on the Saturday following.

Also, the Sun has a 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of our Silver State.

  • 1. What year did Nevada become a state?
  • 2. Who was president of the United States at the time?
  • 3. Why is one of Nevada’s nicknames “Battle Born?”
  • 4. Which states border Nevada?
  • 5. What is the state bird?
  • 6. What is the state song?
  • 7. What is Nevada’s highest peak?
  • 8. Las Vegas has the state’s largest population. Which cities come in second and third?
  • 9. How often does the state Legislature convene?
  • 10. Which professional sports teams call Clark County home?

How did you do? Head over to the Sun for the answers (on the right side of the page).

I’m embarrassed to say I only got five correct, but I’m ready for next year. Happy Nevada Day.