Happy School Choice Week!

Karen Gray

Happy School Choice Week!

Wow, what an event!  If you missed the school-choice week event at Cashman Theatre Tuesday, you missed the kickin-est party in the nation. See some pictures from the event here. I’m thinking, though, with the overflow event we had, none of you missed it.  But, just in case you were in the minority Tuesday, be sure to join us and more than 2,000 of our closest friends again next year.

I had a blast serving on the event organizing team with Elissa Wahl from RISE Resource Center, event coordinator extraordinaire; Juan Martinez, from LIBRE Institute, a real bus wrangler; Katy Foley from Academica, the true usher queen; and all the National School Choice Week folks. I look forward to next year’s event!

I want to thank all the volunteers who helped make Tuesday’s event such a success.  There is NO WAY we could have pulled it off without all of you!  And here’s a personal shout out to NevadaESA.com volunteers: Jenny, Tiecha and Becky from the parent group ACE, you ladies are the most amazing women, doing great things for the right reasons— parents and children. It’s an honor to partner with you.  Rachel, Eida, Christina and Darnell, you are so very appreciated. I could never convey enough how much your support means to me personally, and to the success of Nevada’s ESA. You are rock stars!   Lara and Connie from JOY School and Kimberly from International Christian Academy you are always there to lend a hand, promote the ESA program and help parents. Your dedication is above and beyond. It’s an honor to work with you, always.  And to Kelly from Word of Life School, thank you for just grabbing me in the hallway, seeing the need and taking a moment to pray over me.  I truly felt the calm!

And to Bonnie and Rita, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories Tuesday. You and your families have a special place in my heart, always. Thank you for trusting me and NPRI to guide you through this process.  And, thank you for speaking at Tuesday’s event. You are the face of so many Nevada families.

While I was busy organizing and running around at Tuesday’s event, our team here at NPRI was busy working for Nevada parents and families.  Just in case you missed it, NevadaESA.com launched a petition to urge lawmakers to defend and expand ESAs earlier this week.  Be sure to sign the petition so lawmakers can see how much this opportunity is supported by parents and tax payers. 

Also, make your voices heard by participating in the #LetOurChildrenSucceed social-media campaign.  I’ve posted my hashtags. If I can do it — and believe me, I’m a social-media illiterate — I know you all can.  Let your voices be heard and put a face to those 4000 applications! #LetOurChildrenSucceed

To everyone I owe a phone call or email, thank you for your patience over this past week. I am returning your calls and emails now. Feel free to reach again!

Remember, please send me your ESA family stories.  ESA is not a mere “cause” or “political issue.”  It is families.  It is real people. It is the real future of real children. ESAs benefit real lives of real children— your children. 

ESA update coming next…

Staying strong!