Harry Reid admits green energy needs subsidies to survive

Victor Joecks

Windmills (supposedly a “clean energy”) kill thousands of birds a year.

Harry Reid’s green energy summit has gotten lots of press, so here’s one takeaway that needs to be highlighted.

Green energy requires government subsidies, says … Harry Reid.

During a roundtable discussion with energy executives, Reid encouraged bipartisanship on energy issues and said the government needs to create more incentives for company’s [sic] to become more sustainable.

Translation: Without government subsidies, so-called “clean” energy companies would go bankrupt. The “green” in green energy is really the millions of dollars of government subsidies and tax breaks that those companies need to survive.

The good news is that, given Harry Reid’s track record of failing to bring home the bacon for Nevada, green energy companies that depend on government handouts to survive probably won’t be getting as much as Reid promised.

Just another reason why government shouldn’t pick the winners and losers in the economy.