Harry Reid claims he saved the world from a depression, Las Vegas unemployment hits 15 percent

Victor Joecks

This is one of the biggest disconnects from reality I’ve ever seen.

First, here’s Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claiming he prevented a worldwide depression.

And then there’s the news today that Las Vegas’ unemployment rate has hit a record 15 percent.

Unemployment in Las Vegas jumped to a new record and an important statistical — and emotional — threshold in September.

Joblessness rose to 15 percent locally, up from 14.7 percent in August, according to numbers released this morning by the state Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation.

And what was the basis for Reid’s claim that he saved the world? The failed, $787 billion stimulus.

Reid stuck by his remark.

His campaign noted that the Senate majority leader had maneuvered the $787 billion economic stimulus bill to passage in February 2009.

The problem is that by the standard Obama-Reid-Pelosi set for the stimuluskeeping unemployment under 8 percent – the stimulus has been and is an epic failure.

If Sen. Reid had said he made a mistake and misspoke, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Every politician misspeaks occasionally.

But Reid’s defense of this statement shows that he actually believes it, which reveals a huge disconnect from the reality those in Las Vegas and Nevada are now living in.