Have we forgotten about freedom?

Andy Matthews

I’ve got a new commentary up at npri.org, lamenting that the Right, in its opposition to Obamacare, has focused extensively on the practical reasons to oppose it, but has rarely made the principled argument that government-run health care would be a fundamental violation of our freedom.

An excerpt:

How refreshing it would be to hear a politician say something akin to, “Yes, government-run health care would be inefficient. Yes, it would increase costs and would result in lower quality and longer waits to get care. But you know what? Even if it did none of these things, I would still oppose it. That’s because I believe in freedom.”

But this, for the most part, is not what we hear. Instead, we hear the practical arguments – the summary of which is that government-run health care is a bad idea only because it won’t work.

Read the whole thing here.

The practical arguments, by the way, are by no means out of bounds (and indeed, they are working), but we mustn’t forget that the freedom argument is far, far more important.