Horsford, Democrats resorting to Jedi mind tricks on taxes

Victor Joecks

When I heard that Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford had changed the name of the Senate Taxation Committee to the “Revenue Committee,” this immediately came to mind.

Assembly Speaker-to-be John Oceguera wants to pull off an even bigger Jedi mind trick, though:

Speaker John Oceguera wouldn’t reveal the name of the lower house panel previously known as the Taxation Committee. All he would say is that it won’t be called “tax” or “revenue.”

While Nevadans aren’t as clueless as the faceless Stormtroopers in “Star Wars,” semantics and words do matter.

If believers in limited government are interested in combating this kind of doublespeak, they should not only continue to refer to the committees as “Taxation Committees,” but should also point how the Democratic leadership is trying to fool the public.

Something like the “Revenue committee to increase your taxes and hope you aren’t paying attention” might work.