Horsford: I don’t compromise my ideals and convictions

Victor Joecks

Hey, remember when compromise was the highest legislative ideal?

That’s what Sen. Majority Leader Steven Horsford thought on May 8, 2011.

As the current legislative session approached, I hoped our state’s political representatives would set politics and ideology aside, and then find a balanced solution to address Nevada’s many challenges – a solution that would position Nevada for long-term success. …

In a continuing effort to find a responsible middle ground, the Democratic budget proposal introduced this week offers a balanced approach that includes significant budget cuts as well as new sources of revenue.

Now that’s he’s running for Congress, however, Horsford remembers things a little differently.

“I am known for working across party lines to get things done,” he [Horsford] said. “What I don’t do is I don’t compromise my ideals and convictions. I don’t sell my constituents out.”

Now he tells us! Turns out that, while he was brow-beating Gov. Brian Sandoval and Republican legislators to break their commitment not to raise taxes, Horsford didn’t compromise his ideals or convictions one iota!

What’s in the past is past, of course, but there’s a valuable takeaway here.

The next time a liberal attacks a believer in limited government for not adopting a “balanced approach” to raising taxes or attacks them for signing a pledge not to raise taxes – they should just say they’re following the example of Sen. Horsford by not compromising their ideals and convictions.