Horsford: My word’s good, until I change my mind

Victor Joecks

Steven Horsford: You can believe me, until I change my mind

That’s a paraphrase, but it’s also the take away. The trend of lying governmental and elected officials continues.

Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford was on Jon Ralston’s show Tuesday, and here’s what happened (segment 2).

Ralston read a quote Horsford gave at a September 2008 Review-Journal editorial board meeting. “I won’t support tax increases – not when the private sector is losing revenue and losing jobs … The general fund needs to be managed in a way that doesn’t allow growth beyond population growth and inflation.” (And note the private sector is losing more jobs today than it was then.)

Ralston then asked Horsford why the Legislature wasn’t upfront about raising taxes.

Horsford replied: “Well, a couple of things. First, when I made those comments, no one could have predicted how bad the economy was going to get.”

Ralston: “It wasn’t great at the time.”

Horsford: “It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as bad as it became during the legislative session, number one. Number two is that we don’t want to raise taxes. We weren’t committed to raising taxes.”

Take away: Horsford’s word is good, until he has to actually act on it.

Imagine what this kind of (lack of) integrity would look like in other aspects of life.

For the married, it would be like having your spouse say, “Sorry for cheating on you. When we made our vows, I just couldn’t have anticipated how attractive my co-worker would be and how fat you’d become.”

For the soldier, it would be like having your battle buddy say, “Sorry for running away there and not covering your back once the shooting started. I just couldn’t have anticipated how scary it would be.”

For the child, it would be like having your parent say, “Sorry for abandoning you. When I decided to have kids, I just couldn’t have anticipated what a pain you would be.”

Just another reason not to trust Nevada’s “collection of irredeemable nincompoops, borderline criminals and self-interested cowards” with more of your money for government programs that make things worse, not better.