How the Clark County Democratic Party platform “promotes” capitalism

Victor Joecks

The Clark County Democratic Party has just released its 2010 platform. The good news is that it claims to support capitalism and small businesses.

It is the government’s responsibility to promote capitalism … Since the backbone of the American economy is small business, responsible for up to 75% of all employment, supports effective government policies to foster small business development and success.

The bad news is that aside from a couple of platitudes, the rest of the platform is full of job-killing ideas and regulations. For instance:

2. Supports legislation that requires firms receiving favored tax status to meet fair economic standards for wages, benefits and work conditions for employees and to satisfy all Federal and State standards of environmental and social responsibility…

4. Encourages public policies that level the playing field for all Nevada businesses by providing affordable health care for employees and their families; equitable taxes and regulation; fair access to capital; and support for business innovation and technology.

Core services must not be privatized…

Efficient and fair tax structure that meets the legitimate needs of its citizens by employing progressive tax policies that share the cost and meet the needs of core services across the broadest spectrum of participants that is linked with their ability to pay.

1. Supports examining all possible tax options to ensure a stable, long term tax base.

2. Supports efforts to change the Nevada State Constitution so that the mining industry is taxed on “gross revenues” instead of “net revenues.” …

8. Supports taxes based on wealth, not just work.

Welcome to socialism

9. Tax policy needs to ensure that businesses cover the true social and environmental costs of their products and services instead of shifting the costs to the community of future generations.

Unfortunately, that’s just the warm-up. Check out the party’s job-killing and economy-depressing labor platform.

Urges the state and federal government adopt the Workers Bill of Rights:

In the workplace, every individual is entitled to all of the basic rights and protections of the United States Constitution and The Constitution of the State Of Nevada.

Every worker is entitled to health care disability benefits, unemployment benefits and retirement Benefits.

Every worker and every Public Employee is entitled to organize for the benefit of Collective Bargaining and an absolute right to Binding Arbitration.

Every worker is entitled to a living wage and fair compensation and benefits for their labor including the opportunity for affordable healthcare for themselves and their family.

Every worker is entitled to a safe and healthful work environment.

Every worker is entitled to protection from unfair business practices or work rules or the exporting of jobs for the purpose of denying or evading The Worker’s Bill Of Rights.

Every worker is entitled to a work place environment that promotes a positive Worker-Business Partnership for the benefit of all.

Prohibits business from utilizing unfair business practices and exporting jobs to evade the basic Worker’s Bill of Rights.

Supports the right to organize with collective bargaining and binding arbitration including all public workers

1. Protect public employee collective bargaining and don’t roll back NRS 288.

2. Calls on employers to acknowledge the rights of employees to organize, and to support those employees who organize a union by recognizing that union by simple card check recognition only. Additionally, calls on employers to negotiate fairly with those workers.

3. Supports legislation that prevents, and opposes the permanent replacement of workers engaged in a legal strike.

4. Opposes the anti-worker so-called “paycheck protection” initiative which destroys the political viability of unions…

Supports a living wage and fair compensation and benefits for all workers

1. Supports efforts to eliminate poverty by increasing the minimum wage, increasing salary as cost of living increases, and repealing withholding taxes on unemployment compensation.

2. Urges the use of project labor agreements on government projects.

If you like the sound of these ideas, please move to Venezuela, Greece or California. Those places have implemented policies based on the ideas outlined above and are now enjoying the inevitable results of government getting in the business of redistributing wealth.

If Nevada wants to avoid the long-term disasters facing Venezuela, Greece and California, it must confine state government to its proper role – ensuring public safety and individual freedom and providing basic services, like education and roads, through the most effective means.

(h/t Ralston)