How the TransparentNevada survey respondents fared

Eric Davis

With the dust beginning to settle on the election, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at TransparentNevada’s transparency survey and see how those who responded did.

Here’s how it broke down:

Prior to this election, we sent surveys to all 159 candidates running for a legislative or constitutional office in Nevada.

Of those 159 surveys, we received 66 replies.

Of the 66 candidates who replied, 16 won and 51 lost.

The winners were John Hambrick, Scott Hammond, Cresent Hardy, Mark Sherwood, Melissa Woodbury, Pat Hickey, Ira Hansen, Tom Grady, Pete Livermore, Michael Roberson, Barbara Cegavske, Elizabeth Halseth, Don Gustavson, Kim Wallin, Kate Marshall and Brian Krolicki.

Of the 16 candidates who won, seven were incumbents, seven were running for open seats and two defeated incumbents.

Interestingly, in both cases where an incumbent was defeated in the Legislature (Mark Sherwood over Ellen Spiegel and Michael Roberson over Joyce Woodhouse), the winners replied to our survey while the losers didn’t. While many factors affect the outcome of a race, both races were relatively close (the Sherwood-Spiegel race was decided by 407 votes) and every vote made a difference. Who knows what would have happened electorally if Woodhouse and Spiegel had chosen to reply?

Many thanks to every candidate who took the time to let the voters know their position on transparency issues.

Now voters will get to see if these elected officials stick to the positions they expressed on the survey.

(Cross-posted from TransparentNevada)