How to Make an Open Records Request in Nevada

Ever wonder what curriculum your kid’s school is using? Or how much money your town is spending on maintaining the roads? Or if the government is wasting taxpayer money?

All of that information and more can be legally obtained through what is called an open records request. Learn how you can make an open records request for the information you need.

Before you file your open records request in Nevada, make sure to check out this 4 helpful tips. Putting the right information in your request will give you the best chance of your request being answered in a timely manner.

At Transparent Nevada, we’re fighting the good fight for open and transparent government with you. We’re helping you hold the government accountable for financial waste and corruption. That’s why we regularly file open records requests for salaries and pensions for positions throughout the state. You can access all of this information anytime at

Together, we can keep Nevada transparent and free.