How to sign up for Sen. Reid’s telephone town hall

Victor Joecks

Because he’s unwilling to face his constituents, Sen. Harry Reid is hosting a telephone town hall on the government-run health care plan on August 28.

Go here to sign up. You’ll have to provide your name, e-mail address and, of course, a telephone number.

While Sen. Reid’s website claims this telephone town hall is open to all Nevadans, it’s not.

Nevada Senator Harry Reid will host a tele-town hall on August 28th with small business owners, health care providers, seniors and any other Nevadans interested in voicing their opinions and asking questions about health insurance reform.

First, I just talked with Sen. Reid’s office and even if you’re able to sign up, there’s no guarantee you’ll get called. His office said only a portion of those who sign up will get called. And even if you get called, there is only the smallest – totally “random,” I’m sure – chance you’ll get selected to ask a question.

Second, if you’re like me, you can’t even sign up.

I am a Nevada resident and I’m interested in voicing my opinion on the government takeover of health care, but the only phone I have is a cell phone. And my cell phone has an area code from a different state. And Sen. Reid will only call those with either the 775 or 702 area code, so I am straight out of luck.

And what time is the telephone town hall? Your guess is as good as mine, because Sen. Reid’s office hasn’t released the time of the health care conference call yet.

What about Sen. Ensign? Is he holding a town hall? That’s a great question and one I’ll answer soon in another blog post.

(h/t The Political Eye)

Update: Thanks to Kickin’ Up Dust for the link.