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John Tsarpalas


Employee Freedom

Despite the nonstop scaremongering tactics union leaders have used in recent months, more than half of union members say the recent Janus Supreme Court decision is a positive development for workers, according to a new survey conducted for National Employee Freedom Week. (Click here to read the results!) The survey highlights a widening divide between union leadership and the workers they claim to represent. However, that is why it is more important than ever to keep pushing for labor policies that are focused on expanding the freedoms and rights of individual workers, rather than “union security” policies that merely enrich leadership. (Read more)


Election fraud:

According to a new study of U.S. Census data, there are roughly than 3.5 million more registered voters than there are living adults in the United States. Judicial Watch's Election Integrity Project reports that 462 counties nationwide had a registration rate exceeding 100 percent. And those aren’t necessarily counties in rural areas with poor record keeping practices — many are in major voting districts across the nation. San Diego County, for example, had a 138 percent registration rate! Without further investigation, it’s hard to determine how much of the over-registration is due to sloppy record keeping by local governments, and how much is potential fraud. However, one thing is for certain: it doesn’t bode well for voting integrity. (Read more)



Even some Democrats are getting fed up with the party’s embrace of so-called “Democratic Socialism.” Giancarlo Sopo describes himself as a “millennial JFK Democrat,” who voted for Barack Obama twice and even volunteered for Hillary Clinton. And yet, he’s furious about the way young progressives are constantly pointing to Scandinavia as “proof” that socialism can work. “If we’re going to have ‘good-faith arguments,’ a good place to start would be to abandon discredited myths about Scandinavia, [and] begin telling the full truth about ‘democratic’ socialism,” he writes for the Federalist. “Stop pretending that the experiences of 5 million Norwegians who live in one of the freest economies in the world better represent [socialism] than the lives of the 42 million people in Venezuela and my family’s native Cuba that suffer under this ideology daily.” (Read more)

By the way, if you want a stunning visual of what actual socialism does to an economy, take a look at these pictures from Venezuela. (Look through the pictures here)


Economic freedom

How free is Nevada? Well, we’re freer than many states… But not as free as we used to be. Ever since the state began to recover from the effects of the great recession, almost everything that makes Nevada free has been under constant attack by big-government cheerleaders and nannycrats who would like to regulate and tax at ever increasing levels. (Read more here) If we intend to remain one of (if not the) freest states in the union, it’s going to take some hard work.

Incidentally, this is precisely what we do every day at the Nevada Policy Research Institute. (NPRI: Nevada’s leading provider of liberty since 1991!) Of course, we can’t do it without you. Click here to support NPRI’s mission!



Jordan Peterson is a Canadian professor who talks about personal responsibility, culture and how to succeed in life — and, for some reason, the progressive left in America is terrified of the influence he’s having. But why? Well, in part, it’s because Peterson’s lectures are at odds with the corrupted system that allows many of the progressive left’s cultural ideas flourish. As Joy Pullman explains, Peterson’s no-nonsense lectures demonstrate that the leftist culture “has in fact entered its decadent late phase, and it is deeply vulnerable.” (Read more)


Don’t miss Kimberley Strassel in Las Vegas!

NPRI is welcoming the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel back to Nevada to speak to our supporters about the abusive, corrupt and downright arrogant nature of big government this September! Kimberley will be speaking at our Anniversary Celebration in Las Vegas on September 20th, so don’t miss the opportunity to hear her document the plague of corruption, power abuse and political bias now besetting the nation! (Click here to register.)



John Tsarpalas

John Tsarpalas


John Tsarpalas is the President of the Nevada Policy, and is deeply committed to spreading limited government ideas and policy to create a better, more prosperous Nevada for all.

For over three decades, John has educated others in the ideals and benefits of limited government. In the 1980s, John joined the Illinois Libertarian Party and served on its State Central Committee. Later in the 90s, he transitioned to the Republican Party, and became active in the Steve Forbes for President Campaign and flat taxes.

In 2005, he was recruited to become the Executive Director of the Illinois Republican Party where he graduated from the Republican National Committee’s Campaign College, the RNC’s Field Management School, and the Leadership Institute’s activist training.

Additionally, John has served as President of the Sam Adams Alliance and Team Sam where he did issue education and advocacy work in over 10 states, with a focus on the web.

John also founded or helped start the following educational not-for-profits: Think Freely Media, the Haym Salomon Center – where he served as Chairman, the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity and Midwest Speaking Professionals.

A native of Chicago, John now lives in Las Vegas with his wife of more than 40 years.