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John Tsarpalas

Join us for our Annual Spring Celebration in Reno on June 19th!

If you haven’t already reserved your spot at our Spring Celebration in Reno for June 19th, you’d better hurry! Our keynote speaker will be Tammy Bruce, a New York Times bestselling author and Fox News political contributor. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Nevada’s 80th Legislative Session is (finally) over

Nevada’s 2019 legislative session was, by all accounts, a session dominated by tax-funded agencies, government lobbyists and government-sector unions. Virtually every major piece of legislation saw government insiders lobbying against the interests of the very taxpayers who pay their salaries. (Read More.)

In addition to everything else, the end of session was marked by controversy as Democrats decided to pass a major tax bill without the required two-thirds majority support in the Senate. (Click here to watch Nevada Policy explain why such a bill should have required such a  supermajority.) Because the Democrats openly flouted the law, it’s a safe bet that legal action from Republicans or taxpayers is imminent. (Read more)


Education spending

“It’s for the schools” is a common argument from big-spending lawmakers as they inflate budgets and increase taxes. In the 2019 legislative session, Democrats relied on this line to push the MBT tax increase, to overhaul (read: increase) state funding for public education and fight for across-the-board teacher raises. And, it worked. Nevada’s Big Education monopoly saw plenty of new spending — and yet, just one day after session ended, Clark County School District was already announcing that it was even further in the financial hole. (Read more)


Government transparency

Nevada’s Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) costs taxpayers roughly $2 billion per year — and Gov. Steve Sisolak has signed into law a bill that puts taxpayers in the dark when it comes to how that money is being spent. (Click here to read Nevada Policy’s objection to the bill.) Senate Bill 224, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Julia Ratti, declares much of the information about state and local government retirees confidential, including: a retiree’s last employer, years of service credit, the retirement date and whether the benefit is a disability or retirement benefit! (Read more)



Google’s YouTube and other social-media companies are, yet again, targeting politically incorrect speech for censorship. Given the media giant’s amply demonstrated hostility toward conservative and libertarian content, its clear bias and prejudice is not surprising. As a result, many conservatives have started calling for government to step in and level the playing field — precisely the wrong reaction! Not only would any proposed federal policy run afoul of constitutional limits on government power, but progressive politicians can be counted on to lock such manipulation in place, should they win majorities in Congress. (Read more)


The anniversary of Tiananmen Square

This week marked 30 years since one lone individual halted an entire column of Chinese tanks in Tiananmen Square by standing defiantly in their path. It was an iconic moment that perfectly captured the 20th century’s struggle against communist authoritarians. Since its initial broadcast in 1989, the image has provided worldwide inspiration for those suffering under oppressive regimes. Just later that same year the Berlin Wall fell, and Romanian citizens rebelled against their Soviet-backed dictator. Indeed, the image of an unknown protestor staring down a column of tanks had a profound impact on world history and the events of the late 20th century. As Reason’s Nick Gillespie writes, “If the final meaning of the images surrounding his protest are unclear, the debt we owe him is not.” (Read more)

John Tsarpalas

John Tsarpalas


John Tsarpalas is the President of the Nevada Policy, and is deeply committed to spreading limited government ideas and policy to create a better, more prosperous Nevada for all.

For over three decades, John has educated others in the ideals and benefits of limited government. In the 1980s, John joined the Illinois Libertarian Party and served on its State Central Committee. Later in the 90s, he transitioned to the Republican Party, and became active in the Steve Forbes for President Campaign and flat taxes.

In 2005, he was recruited to become the Executive Director of the Illinois Republican Party where he graduated from the Republican National Committee’s Campaign College, the RNC’s Field Management School, and the Leadership Institute’s activist training.

Additionally, John has served as President of the Sam Adams Alliance and Team Sam where he did issue education and advocacy work in over 10 states, with a focus on the web.

John also founded or helped start the following educational not-for-profits: Think Freely Media, the Haym Salomon Center – where he served as Chairman, the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity and Midwest Speaking Professionals.

A native of Chicago, John now lives in Las Vegas with his wife of more than 40 years.