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Sharon Rossie

Solar Industry:

Whether or not the PUC decided on an “appropriate” net-metering rebate shouldn’t be the focus of the debate in Nevada. The more important point is that government intervention created this problem in the first place. Given the vested interest NV Energy and solar companies have in big government, it’s not surprising that this point is being ignored. (Read more)


The state healthcare exchanges are a key component of Obamacare — and it looks like they are about to enter freefall. UnitedHealth has announced that they are pulling out of all but “a handful” of state exchanges, after suffering massive losses by participating in the program. Since joining state exchanges in 2015, the company says it has lost roughly $1 billion. (Read more)

Labor and business:

An “avalanche” of new regulations from the White House are about to make life far more difficult for business owners, employees and entrepreneurs. Many of the regulations are little more than government attempts to micromanage the workplace. For example, one requirement mandates that salaried employees making less than $50,000 per year receive overtime pay — and the government even regulates how overtime should be calculated. It’s becoming painfully obvious that Washington DC has no idea how to “stimulate” economic growth — they only know how to hamper it. (Read more)


When Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised 100 million dollars in a matching grant for New Jersey's public schools, everyone had big plans for the money. Unsurprisingly, it has resulted in few (if any) improvements, and massive new costs for the district. A new labor agreement accounted for half of philanthropic package. Predictably, it turned out that most of the money didn't actually make it to the classroom, ending up instead in the pockets of labor union bosses and special interests. (Read more)


Today is Earth Day. So, what has been the most important force in the preservation of the environment? It hasn’t been government. In fact, just the opposite. Free markets, liberty and capitalism are far better stewards of the environment than any big government bureaucracy has ever been. (Read more)

Sharon J. Rossie

NPRI President