In case you missed it…

Sharon Rossie

Fiscal and taxes:

As Congress tries to wrap up business for 2016, a group of Democrat lawmakers have said they are determined to “use whatever means necessary” to bail out a private union retirement plan with taxpayer dollars. According to four senators, Democrats are willing to block other bills, and grind business at the capitol to a halt, in order to feed taxpayer money into the United Mine Workers of America pension plan. (Read more)


Nevada PERS:

Over the last 20 years, the investments of Nevada Public Employees Retirement System (NVPERS) have grown from $6.5 billion into $35 billion. It’s certainly a remarkable investment record — and it’s highlighted often by the PERS board as proof of the program’s solvency. But this information reveals literally nothing about whether or not the System’s primary objective — fully funding the cost of retirees’ promised benefits — is being met. In the same time frame, the system’s debt exploded from $2.2 billion to more than $12.5 billion — kicking the costs of retired workers up to record-high levels, which current workers are being required to pay. Oblivious to this phenomenon, the PERS chairman recently derided teachers for expressing legitimate concerns about the future of the program — even going so far as to call them “idiots,” saying they “really don’t understand what’s going on.” (Read more)



Socialism is no way to run a country — or a business. Described as “communistic” by a post on its Facebook page, a Michigan restaurant that prided itself on its socialist management has been forced to close. Run as a collective, the restaurant paid all staff an equal wage, banned servers from collecting tips and even let employees collectively determine the establishment’s hours. All this ultimately resulted in poor service, high prices and very unsatisfied customers. (Read more)


Government overreach:

A small town in Maryland has voted to block a federally licensed firearms dealer from opening a small home-based business. The town council rejected Michael Wonsala’s request for a zoning change, which would allow him to repair and sell a small number of collectible and historic firearms out of his home. Furthermore, the council says it now plans to update the town code to prohibit gun sales altogether. (Read more)



Proponents of Obamacare have repeatedly bragged that, because of the reform, more than 20 million previously uninsured adults have gained coverage. But it turns out this number is based off a survey, not actual enrollment numbers — and it includes young adults who have decide to remain on their parents’ existing insurance. The real number of newly insured adults is likely several million people less than the “official” numbers touted by Obamacare proponents. (Read more)