In case you missed it…

Fiscal and taxes:

Any voter knows that if a tax is repealed, the funds from that tax will not be available for government to spend in future years. This isn’t a concept that generally requires explanation, however, the Nevada Supreme Court disagrees. The court ruled that the petition to repeal the Commerce Tax will have to start all over from scratch, because it allegedly failed to explain the impact repeal would have on the state budget. (Read more)


ESAs are an education reform that doesn’t focus on politics, special interests or entrenched bureaucracies. Instead, ESAs focus on directly giving families better educational opportunities. If Nevada is serious about helping repair the state’s educational reputation by increasing student performance, shouldn’t students — rather than political special interests — be where we start? (Read more)


Obamacare is bankrupting insurance companies. Or, at least it would be, if the Department of Health and Human Services wasn’t illegally providing bailouts. Through a provision in Obamacare known as Cost-Sharing Reduction, the HHS has been unlawfully paying off some of the losses incurred by insurers — despite the fact that Congress specifically denied a $5 billion bailout proposal. (Read more)

Free Speech:

Facebook workers put in charge of promoting “trending” news stories on Facebook actively suppressed and downplayed conservative and libertarian themes. According to a whistleblower, workers prevented stories about CPAC, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul and similar topics from appearing in the “trending news” section. This revelation is just the most recent example of institutionalized political bias at the social media giant. (Read more)

Free markets:

Millennials seem to be overly impressed by Bernie Sander’s brand of socialism — but do any of them really know what it is? There’s a simple reason millennials are attracted to the idea of “democratic socialism,” and it’s not the economics. Simply put, it’s because it “sounds nice.” (Read more)