Introducing the Nevada Policy Action Center

Nevada Policy is strengthening advocacy efforts through the introduction of the Nevada Policy Action Center.

Available at no cost, the action center serves as a hub where Nevadans can get assistance on contacting legislators about specific issues. By entering their names and zip codes, residents can make use of prewritten letters on an array of issues. 

These missives are sent to the appropriate state assembly member and state senator. The center automatically directs a letter to the correct lawmaker based on each user’s zip code. 

Prewritten letters on several different issues can be found at the action center, including a note asking lawmakers to support school choice programs in the state, particularly the Opportunity Scholarship Program (Senate Bill 220). 

In addition, there are letters asking lawmakers to oppose fixed-price healthcare, increased government spending and adding more recurring government programs. There are also messages supporting election reform and efforts to reduce and eliminate onerous occupational licensing restrictions. 

“We at Nevada Policy are making it our mission to make it as easy as possible for Nevadans to be involved in the political process,” said Marcos Lopez, director of outreach and coalitions for Nevada Policy.