Irony: Sen. Kieckhefer votes for tax increases, because he ‘made a commitment’

Victor Joecks

Today, the Nevada Senate passed a $620 million tax increase. Freshman Sen. Ben Kieckhefer was one of four Senate Republicans to vote for the tax increase.

What’s ironic here is a statement Kieckhefer made to Ray Hagar of the Reno Gazette-Journal. Hagar asked Kieckhefer if, after receiving numerous e-mails opposing his decision to raise taxes, the senator would reject tax increases.

The first-year senator from south Reno, who knocked off the sign-kickin’ Ty Cobb in the GOP primary, says he remains a solid vote for the budget deal.

I made a commitment. I don’t plan on breaking it.” [Emphasis added]

While sticking to your commitments is an admirable quality, it’s one Kieckhefer applies selectively. He did not keep the commitment he made to his constituents in 2010 – that he wouldn’t vote for the sunset taxes – and he broke his word to them today.

Kieckhefer isn’t the only Republican to break his word – Sen. Dean Rhoads, Sen. Joe Hardy, Sen. Mike McGinness and Gov. Brian Sandoval also fit that description.