Is collective bargaining on the chopping block?

Victor Joecks

Oh, yes.


He [Sandoval advisor Dale Erquiaga] confirmed that making changes to the collective bargaining laws is something local governments are demanding in order to keep their payroll expenditures in check, and Sandoval will support such legislation.

"We have been told by school districts and local governments that they can't weather the reductions coming in this biennium unless we address Chapter 288 (the collective bargaining law)," he said.

In case you're wondering what kind of excess government workers are enjoying under current collective bargaining agreements, head over to TransparentNevada and see if you can count how many government workers made over $200,000 last year.

If that's not enough, Nevada is also facing a $33.5 billion unfunded pension liability, when calculated using an economically sound, "options pricing" method of accounting for risk.

Ending collective bargaining would help government rein in these excessive salaries and help prevent taxpayers from getting fleeced.