Is it possible to get fired in Clark County?

Victor Joecks

(***Not applicable in Clark County***)

After an unelected, unaccountable arbitrator from California reinstated a fire fighter who had bragged about using sick leave to take the whole summer off, I’m not sure it is possible to get fired.

Donald Munn, the poster boy for Clark County’s battle against sick leave abuse by firefighters, won an arbitrator’s decision to get his job back Tuesday.

While it remains unclear exactly what Munn could get from the ruling, the decision will cost the county at least hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay, benefits and legal compensation for Munn. …

That evidence included emails from Munn to colleagues in June 2010 about his plans to leave for the summer using sick leave and vacation time. The co-worker asked how someone can get the entire summer off.

“Between being sick & vac it will seem like most of the summer,” replied Munn, who had used 333 hours of sick leave in 2009.

During the time of the email, Munn worked seven out of 18 scheduled shifts from the beginning of June to the end of August 2010. He called in sick 11 times and took 15 vacation days during that time.

Rappaport’s decision differs from an arbitrator’s ruling in January 2011, which favored the county in a union contract dispute and highlighted firefighter emails as proof of sick leave abuse.

Of course, in the other outrageous story of the week, we learn that it is possible to fire someone, but only if taxpayers are forced to give them half a million dollars as a, err…, parting gift.

A dispute over the firing of a former assistant parks manager is costing Clark County almost half a million dollars.

The County Commission approved a $499,000 settlement Tuesday for former Assistant Parks Director Terry Lamuraglia, who was fired in 2008 for what county officials said were publicized emails indicating he created a plan to leave almost 90 parks unguarded by park police during Memorial Day weekend.
The plan was scrapped.

If you want all the unbelievable details on this, Glenn Cook did a great job detailing them here.

Thinking about all of this waste is making me ill. Anyone have some extra sick days? I think I need to take the summer off.